About Me


I've always been an artist and spent most of my adult life drawing and painting portraits. In 2006 I discovered scrimshaw and began creating poker chips and display pieces for a living occasional doing scrimshaw on knives. Eventually I worked exclusively on knives, customizing factory knives with ivory for scrimshaw. 

I enjoyed cutting and working with the materials as much as doing the artwork so in 2011 I thought I'd try to make my own knives to do artwork on. Around the same time a knifemaker friend of mine Tony Metsala gave me a GRS GraverMax and I began learning to engrave as well.  


A local knifemaker Bob Purvis taught me a lot about using with metal working machinery and heat treating blades. I mostly make small folding knives, liner locks and slipjoints. 


I make knives on speculation for sales on other sites such as Arizona Custom Knives  as well as take on engraving and scrimshaw projects on collectors knives so if you have a project in mind feel free to contact me. 

Thank you!

Dan Farrell